Calcium Carbonate

The company also produces and grinds the ultra-super fine calcium carbonate that is used as filler for:
1) Plastic industry
2) High Quality Paints industry and others.

Calcium carbonate that the company produces has the advantage of purity that is approximately 98.5% and excellence whiteness because it depends on high quality material which is ' the rocks' that are extracted from the upper zone of Egypt that is called Samalout chain and it is considered as one of the best places that anyone could find excellent and pure calcium carbonate at.
The production is also known for its fine and stable sizes of milling because it depends on the high quality control and measurements that occur in the company's labs which contain the best measurement tools and could control the milling process accurately.
The milling line has the ability to produce CaCO3 starting from a top cut of 5 micron which is considered highly fine production and up to a top cut of 10 micron .The size depends on the needs of each industry and the wants of the customer.

There are mainly two types of calcium carbonate and the company has the ability to produce both of :

1) Untreated calcium carbonate

The company mills fine and stable sizes of calcium carbonate for using it as a filling material in many purposes such as paints, paste and others.

2) Treated calcium carbonate

The company mills and treats CaCO3 for many industries which need a treated filling material. This treatment happens through covering the milled powder with stearic acid which causes softness, brightness and keeps the machines away from corrosion according to the fraction that occurs between CaCO3 and the inner parts of the plastic extruders. This product goes for PVC compound,pipes, rubber industry, high filler masterbatch industry ,high quality paints and high quality paste.

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