PVC : Shoes Industry and Flexible Products (Injection)

The company produces PVC compound material in powder and pellets form which could be used in shoes soles, medical shoes, sports shoes, foam shoes, safety shoes soles, rainy shoes, floaters, kiddy soles and gum boats. It could be both transparent or half transparent, in addition to coloured PVC granules which could be either 'transparent or opaque' for filling all the needs of shoes industry.
The shore hardness A is between 50-65.
Coming to Flexible products, Electrical products such as plugs and connectors are available in different colors.
The shore hardness A is between 80-90.
The company also produces PVC compound that is used for car accessories such as the inner and outer parts in the car such as floor mats, wipers and others which are made to tolerate fraction.
The final product could be customized according to the customer's needs.

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