PVC : Hoses , Flexible profiles and Flexible Sheets (Extrusion)

The company produces PVC compound that goes for hoses of different kinds such as crystal clear granules and normal clear granules. Moreover, PVC come in different colours either 'transparent or opaque' which cover all the needs of hoses industries. Heat resistance and desired hardness values have been developed, for instance, the shore hardness A is between 70-80.
Coming to sealing strip which is considered one of the flexible profiles, AlexPlast has been successful in producing PVC granules that are compatible with customer's requirements and international standards in producing refrigerator seals,car seals, filters that are used in automotive sector, window system seal ,etc.
Also, the granules goes for Magnetic Frames, which is another type of flexible profiles that are used in fridges.
Regarding Flexible sheets, The company produces flexible PVC compound in the form of granules used for manufacturing flexible sheets and their usage is for water stop and water bar, which are essential for such purposes as water tanks, concrete and others.
Eventually, The final product could be customized according to the customer's needs.

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